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MONEY assistance to BUY A HOME in Tampa, Florida

Requirements for FHA MORTGAGE LOANS

Should you have your home inspected before putting it up for sale?

Steps to Buying a Home

1. Find an Agent

Your real estate  professional will help you through the beginning steps and get you in contact with one of their preferred lenders to help you get started. They will help navigate you through this  complex process.

2. Get Pre-Approved

Before scheduling showings, it is crucial that you fully understand what you can afford based on the lenders opinion.

3. Start Your Home Search

Narrow down your home search and we will start schedule visits to the houses that you like.

4. Make an Offer

The negotiation with the sellers starts here. After you find “the house”, we will present an offer to the sellers, and they will;

  1. Counter-offer

Keep in mind that there are two parties to the deal and the seller is nervous and full emotions. Offers can go back and forth a hand full of time and in some cases, both parties may not come together no matter how close the initial offer is to the sale price. It is important that you keep a level head and be all ears to the advice given to you by your Realtor®.

  1. Accepted Offer

Congratulations! You have an accepted offer. The next step to buying a house is you will need to write a check for the earnest money to be placed in an escrow account.

Note: t’s important for you to understand the proper timelines and contingencies that you are putting into the contract.

5. Home Inspection

It is highly recommended that you be present during the home inspection and ask as many questions as you need. During the inspection period, we get to re-negotiate the finding per the inspection.

6. Appraisal Ordered

After  the home inspection contingency is completed, your lender will order the appraisal. The appraiser main objective is to verify that the home appraises for at least the value of the sale of the home or the amount of the mortgage that is being carried on the property.

7. Choose Your Homeowners Insurance

Start shopping around for homeowners’ insurance. We recommend to our clients to call around to at least two or three different insurance companies to find the one that fits your needs the best at the best possible rate.

8. Set Up Utilities

Once you have an exact date of closing, you might want to contact the utility companies for the utilities to be turned on. This includes but not limited to electric, water, internet, TV, home security system, etc.

(check our “UTILITY list (route them to it by just a click) for their contact info)

9. Final Walk-through

After underwritings is completed and you receive the clear to close you can schedule a closing date. Usually, you will set up the final walk-through the day before  or the morning of closing.

10. Closing

Closing cost for a buyer in Kentucky are typically between 2% to 5% of the price of the home and 3% to 6% in Florida. These fees could be paid by seller if negotiated in the contract.

11. After Closing

Be sure that you keep a set checklist to do the routine maintenance on your home every year. It can become very overwhelming if you put these tasks off and let them pile up.

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